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It is the definitive book on tbhs and i cant write one better. For temperate zone races of apis mellifera the topbar width should be 35 mm. Fun and enjoyable to read, with thorough instructions on, building your own beehives, feeders,and queen cages. Beekeepers use many objects for this purpose, including goose or turkey feathers, draftsmens brushes, and the commercial brushes sold by bee supply houses. Backyard beekeeping in the hampton roads area of virginia with a topbar beehive. These useful diagrams demonstrate hive management techniques specific to topbar hives for each season of the year as well as solutions for specific. Basically this is a general beekeeping book with one short chapter about top bar hives and just one page devoted to top bar hive design. Wilson studied under les crowder, coauthor of the book topbar beekeeping. While this obscures some of the effort involved in manufacturing a top bar, this simplicity is one reason it has been so popular. The topbars do not form a covering in this casea beespacepassage exists between each pair of top bars, again, like in a framehive.

This book provides a lot of information on hive management and other aspects using topbar hives. The top bar hive was produced by multisweet group, multisweet group. Les crowder has devoted his entire adult life to the study and care of honeybees. If you have decided to go with a topbar beehive, you may be eagerly awaiting your first colony of spring bees. At a high level, it is effectively a box on legs, with a cover. Topbar honey bee hive cedar rectangle aoka farm usa untreated 2 box hive fully assembled aokafarm. Free top bar hive plans luckily for those on a budget, youll discover many freetodownload top bar hive plans on beekeeping sites and community forums. These this book is a wonderful guide to topbar beekeeping. This book contains what you need for a completely sustainable top bar hive beekeeping system.

Top bar beehive beekeeping top bar bee hive kits for sale. The results rest on scientific principles and careful observations from managing 200 top bar hives with over 25 years experience. The cathedral hive, the golden mean hive and the original backyard hive. How to build your own diy top bar beehive if you are looking to become self sufficient, a good place to start is to have a beehive in your backyard. Although reluctantly at first, in 2014 a fellow beekeeper and i decided to experiment with keeping bees in a top bar hive tbh. Simply put, and i will get to details here in a minute, this style of a hive is designed to mimic the natural hives bee produce, not to maximize the space and efficiency of each colony. Conventional methods of keeping bees are effective, but top bar beekeeping is simpler, less expensive, gives bees a greater degree of freedom, and still. You can find the newly updated plans, released october of 2012 here. Our top bar beekeeping kit comes unassembled, so its a great way to learn the basics of building a top bar beehive. Carr and john bradford have a beautifully engineered plan for a top bar hive. The books ten sections discuss optimal practices of an organic beekeeper. For accessories for your discontinued top bar hive, see the discontinued top bar hive collection.

The width of the topbar is the most important measurement for the whole hive and depends on the size of the honey bee in your local area. The length of the whole hive should be multiples of. Top bar beehives may be one of the oldest forms of domestic beekeeping. Lots of general and interesting bee facts, its a must have book for every beekeeper.

All home and hobbyist beekeepers who have the time and interest in keeping bees intensively should consider the natural, lowstress methods outlined in this book. This book is a wonderful guide to topbar beekeeping. The book is appropriate for beginning beekeepers as well as those experienced but looking for information on natural and organic beekeeping practices. Plans and a parts list for a simple kenya top bar hive. Top bar beehives are known now as one of the most economical ways to keep bees, and they require no heavy lifting and no extra equipment, such as supers, foundation, or extractors. Honeybees naturally move up throughout the winter to consume foods to survive. The catenaryhive topbars are about 1 wide, this gives bees open access to combs above the brood nest. Topbar beekeeping provides complete information on hive management and other aspects of tip bar hives. You might even be able to generate 3 new colonies in a single year. How to keep bees in top bar hives for advanced beekeepers. This book is a great resource and will give you much more detail on the whys and wherefores of topbar beekeeping. Distinct in shape and size, the top bar beehive commonly features a single, rectangular or tubshaped hive body with parallel bars.

Installing the first package in a fivefoot topbar hive with a wood floor. The book includes top bar hive plans along with detailed drawings and instructions for some beekeeping projects, including stands and swarm catchers. Installing the first package of bees in a topbar hive. Each top bar hive has various color options available, which includes painted. Installing bees in a topbar hive mother earth news. Gold star honeybees top bar hives kits, books, classes. Made from different materials that are often repurposed or recycled, top bar hives can be observed around the world. Topbar beekeeping by les crowder chelsea green publishing. The top bar hive is the oldest and most commonly used hive style in the world. Top bar hives and beekeeping supplies, including topbar beehives with windows, adjustable legs, hinged roofs. It shouldnt be your first bee book but it will take you to the next level. The bees build their comb down from these bars naturally, without the use of a 4 sided frame or foundation. Topbar hive plans new mexico beekeepers association. It doesnt take much more time or material to build several hives at once, particularly if youve got an assembly line.

This book presents practical advice, gained from firsthand experience, on the organic management of top bar hives. Jun 12, 2017 this book contains all you need for a completely sustainable topbar hive beekeeping system. Lots of useful information for the topbar beekeeper. Dedicated to finding organic and natural solutions for problems commonly treated with chemicals, he designed his own topbar hives and set about discovering how to treat disease and genetic weaknesses through plant medicine and selective breeding. Installing them in the top bar frame is a little different than the process with an. Also, its always a good idea to keep bees in at least two hives should you lose a hive or need to trade out materials.

This book is very detailed, but that might be hard to appreciate from the lists. I added voice over instruction because the background sound was too. Pictures and descriptions of a tanzanian top bar hive that doubles as a long langstroth hive. Top bar bee hive with 12 top bars backyard bee keeping. We read a book on the subject from which i latched onto two possible positive features. See more ideas about top bar bee hive, top bar hive and bee keeping. I have read several books on the methods of beekeeping, including top bar, langstroth, the new flowhive technology, and even how to build a hollow log hive. Choose top bar style golden mean hive with passage bars hive. Gold star honeybees po box 62 spruce pine, nc 287770062 8285525225. There are few books that are specific to this way of beekeeping and this is an essential addition to the topbar beekeepers library. We provide premium top bar hive kits that are simple to assemble and built from precisionmilled pine for ecological impact. I once thought about writing a book on tbhs, but then i found this book. With tropical african races of apis mellifera, the width should be 32 mm. After the filming, i added voiceover instruction to the video.

But you have to email the author and buy it directly from him. The only way to remove bees from a top bar hive comb is to use a bee brush. All hives come fully assembled, handcrafted from local and sustainable wood sources. The authors add their own insight on best practices for natural hive. The top bar hive is designed with the beekeeper in mind, both in terms of the construction effort and the management of the hive once installed. Advanced top bar beekeeping book next steps for the thinking beekeeper. Christie hemenway and phil chandler are more informative and both address the subject much more comprehensively. The top bar hive is designed for the bees to move side to side through the winter. Tbh and bee box is a type of beehive that you can build out of almost any type of wood. Top bar hive kit top bar hive accessories beehive kits. This bee hive comes in a kit that you have to put together.

I tried to use it when installing a hive for the first time this spring and found it pretty unhelpful. The first package bee installation is in a fivefoot topbar hive with a wooden floor. Best top bar hive top bar beekeeping system features. Organic practices for honeybee health chelsea green publishing. Chapters cover the beekeeping basics of bee biology and hive management, but what sets this book apart from other natural beekeeping guides are the illustrations of topbar hive management. The thinking beekeeper natural beekeeping in top bar hives.

Hive plans narrative 360 degree view you can also find the most recent addendum showing hive ventilation here. A very useful book, that is also a very pleasant read. The firstperson style of the book allows a window into the practices of the topbar beekeeper while conveying a wealth of knowledge and a wellresearched comparison of hive practices. Keeping bees has been my passion for close to 60 years partly as a hobbyist and partly as a smallscale commercial beekeeper. This is sustainable beekeeping with integrated pest management practices ipm, the bees rarely if ever needing chemical. The results rest on scientific principles and careful observations from managing 200 topbar hives with over 25 years experience. Ventilation detail plans for a top bar honey straining rack, designed. Beekeepers of all experience levels will appreciate this clear howto book on top bar hive beekeeping. Topbar beekeeping provides complete information on hive management and. If you prefer to use top bar hives in your apiary, we have those too. It might find its way on shelves of many topbar beekeepers. Organic practices for honeybee health is a wonderful guide to topbar beekeeping filled with great photos. Anything you grow will flourish due to the addition of a beepod to your neighborhood. Not all beekeepers agree on the efficiency of the hive, but we are all aware that bees feel more comfortable in the topbar system, especially during comb.

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